EXCLUSIVE: What’s Going On With Rare And Celebrities?

Follow Rare on Twitter? Well if you do, then perhaps one of their most recent tweets has caught your attention as much as it has mine. Earlier today Rare tweeted that they were back in the recording studio in London with a professional actor to do some recording sessions. It’s not really an uncanny scenario as Rare has worked with professional actor’s in the past. The real question and brow raiser here is what are they recording for? Kinect Sports Rivals is an obvious candidate, but feel there’s more to it than that. We know their working on at least one AAA Xbox One title that we know nothing about, (their hiring last year said as much) so there’s a definite possibility that this recording session is connected to that.

There isn’t anything else to go on aside from that tweet, so it’s difficult to really pin down any additional information. Whatever it the recording is for, it’s definitely of the upmost importance to Rare to want to spend the money on a professional when they could do a similar job in-house for a fraction of the cost. Fingers crossed that, if it is indeed for that AAA game their developing, we learn of it soon. Perhaps in a few weeks at Gamescom?