EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- Diddy Kong Racing’s Magical Codes

It’s not something you really see often these days, but most of the games of old had some sort of cheats available that added more play value to the games themselves. Diddy Kong Racing was no exception and even had it’s own dedicated section specifically tailored for cheats–or rather Magical Codes in this instance. Here are a list of the Magical Codes that can be entered into the menu. It’s effect is on the left and the code itself bolded on the right:

  • 4×4- OFFROAD
  • AI is Better- TIMETOLOSE
  • Balloons are All Blue- ROCKETFUEL
  • Balloons are All Rainbows- OPPOSITESATTRACT
  • Balloons are All Red- BOMBSAWAY
  • Balloons are All Yellow- BODYARMOR
  • Balloons are All Green- TOXICOFFENDER
  • Bananas make you Slow Down- BOGUSBANANAS
  • Big Players- ARNOLD
  • Computer can’t use Weapons- BYEBYEBALLOONS
  • Horn Sounds Different- BLABBERMOUTH
  • Infinite Bananas- VITAMINB
  • Little Players- TEENYWEENIES
  • Maxed Powered Balloons- FREEFORALL
  • Music Test- JUKEBOX
  • No Bananas Multiplayer Mode- NOYELLOWSTUFF
  • Players can use the Same Character- DOUBLEVISION
  • Start with Ten Bananas- FREEFRUIT
  • Two Players can Play Adventure-Mode- JOINTVENTURE
  • View Credits- WHODIDTHIS

My personal favorites has always been JOINTVENTURE and ARNOLD. It was always fun to see the characters larger than their normal sizes and my brother and sister and I would work together to clear the Adventure Modes. DKR was also my first game for the Nintendo 64 and the very reason I wanted the console to begin with! Enjoy the codes for those of you who still have the game in your possession. They add more fun to an already enjoyable game.