EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- Kinect Sports’ 100 Meter Dash

The 100-Meter Dash is a sport within the ‘Track and Field’ segment of Kinect Sports. The objective of the game is to to race your opponents to the finish line at a distance of 100 Meters, jumping over hurdles along the way. Kinect allows this to be a very fun experience in what would otherwise be very dull and boring, to put it simply. Why, you may ask? Because you’re actually running and jumping as if you were literally running a real life 100 Meter race. If you have any hope of placing first, then its absolutely necessary that run in place as quickly as possible and time your jumps appropriately when approaching a hurdle or you are bound to lose. It’s fun, challenging, and best of all an excellent workout, especially if you’re unable to get outside and go for a run. Running some 100 meters throughout the day will definitely help you burn some calories if that’s your goal, and you’ll have fun doing as well. Trust me, it works.