EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- The 3-Step Weapons of Diddy Kong Racing


You know what one of the coolest things about Diddy Kong Racing is? It’s weapons. The way they are obtained may be in a similar fashion to other racers such as Mario Kart, but the way they’re utilized is uniquely. The game’s weapons are laid across the courses in the shapes of balloons: red for missiles, green for obstacles, blue for a boost, yellow for a shield, and rainbow for a magnet. You can only have one of the three items at a time but how and when you choose to use it can mean the difference between victory or defeat. Do you use the item you’ve obtained right away or do you upgrade it first? That’s right. The weapons can be upgraded while in the race itself. This is how it works…

Every item has two upgrades. If you’ve collected the blue balloon for instance and collect another blue balloon without having used the first one, then your boost will upgrade to a second level boost that generates more speed. Repeat the process for a third blue balloon and you’ll get an even faster boost. The same thing applies to the red and green balloons as well. Here are the effects of each balloon:

Red Balloon: Missile—>Homing Missile—>Ten Missiles

Green Balloon: Tar Pit—>Spiked Ball—>Bubble

Blue Balloon: Boost 1—>Boost 2—>Boost 3

Yellow Balloon: Shield 1—>Shield 2—>Shield 3

Rainbow Balloon: Magnet 1—>Magnet 2—>Magnet 3

What you do have to bear in mind and not forget is that you’re not the only racer on the track. There are others who are also seeking out the balloons during the race, so attempting to evolve your weapon to the third level can be more difficult than it seems. Should you manage to accomplish it though, then you will have a significant advantage over your opponents that may just lead you to a first place finish.