EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- The Origins of R.C. Pro-Am

Have you ever wondered where R.C. Pro-Am came from? Ever wondered what R.C. in the Pro-Am stood for? I know I have. I’ve heard the name, I’ve played the games, and I’ve just always been curious as to what the title actually meant but never bothered to ever actually look into it. A few months ago I did just that and I honestly was incredibly surprised to see that it was based off of those popular radio-controlled cars from the late 1980s and early 1990s. I’m sure it’s common knowledge amongst most people and especially diehard Rare fans, but its meaning and origins evaded me. Ridiculous, right? Nonetheless, now any time I think of the game or actually play it, I’m plagued with images of just racing those damn cars rather than the game itself. And to top it off, its usually of what could arguably the most popular radio controlled car of all time: RC from Toy Story. Yeah…. that one.

Was anyone else ever faced with this same situation? Didn’t know what exactly its origins were and caught a bit off guard when discovered what they were? Let us know in the comments!