ExpertZone With Rare Twitch Stream Text Highlights

ExpertZone With Rare Twitch Stream Text Highlights

Today Rare was a guest on the ExpertZone Twitch stream. Christopher Davies and Adam Park sat down and talked about tons of the features packaged in Rare Replay and also played some of the games included. Questions were answered, games were given way. Below are some of the highlights from the stream:

  • Wall of 120 games with a list of pros and cons of featuring each game. Very elaborate process with tons of employee feedback.
  • Lots of nostalgia, most likely at some point you as a gamer have played a game from Rare and it made some kind of impact on you.
  • Didn’t just want nostalgia though, also want new experiences. Sharing experiences across generations of gamers.
  • At least 700 hours of gameplay (would have to have perfect runs of each game).
  • Three main sections of Rare Replay: Rare Revealed, Game Gallery and Snapshots.
  • Game Gallery is where all 30 games live in one list. List starts with 1983 and Jetpac.
  • Battletoads is still hard.
  • Games are not easier but Rare has put in features to make the games more accessible.
  • Robin Beanland composed new music for each games menu. Had to create some tunes from scratch for older Spectrum games.
  • No game is locked off, you can immediately play any game you want.
  • Milestones are tied to achievements in the game, each game has milestones.
  • The older games have 5 milestones to complete.
  • Every time you complete a milestone you get a stamp on your stamp card. When you fill up a card you go up a level. 30 levels.
  • When you fill up a stamp card you unlock a reward.
  • Rare Revealed section of game has interviews and videos of unreleased games.
  • Got Rare employees to talk about the games they have worked on.
  • Features have interviews for voice actors. Chris Seavor (Conker) and Chris Marlow (Great Mighty Poo) for instance.
  • More interviews where employees were asked what makes a Rare game. Making of games videos such as Battletoads and Blast Corps.
  • The Rare Revealed section is about letting fans get an insight in to Rare. Get behind the curtain of Rare.
  • Previously Unseen section inside Rare Revealed has videos of prototypes and other inventive ideas that didn’t get green-lit
  • 5 games that were in pre-production. Sundown (survival horror game, very different form typical output, very dark, gruesome), The Fast and Furriest (racing game), Kameo 2 and Black Widow (spider mech game).
  • The puppet user interface idea came about on trying to figure out how to combine all the different games styles into one cohesive package.
  • Custom border artwork for older games can be turned on and off.
  • Also a CRT filter that makes it look like you were a kid again.
  • Everyone at the studio is a huge Rare fan. Just as passionate about these games as the fans are.
  • There are Snapshots for all the Spectrum, NES and Arcade games, some as simple as tutorials and some really hard bite sized challenges.
  • Demoed Jetpac Snapshot where you assemble jet rocket within 60 seconds.
  • Another Snapshot example is Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads. The turbo tunnel never ends in the snapshot.
  • 80 Snapshots, each with its own leaderboard.
  • You can pre-order Rare Replay from Game (UK) and get a battletoads t-shirt.
  • There is a “Do You Have Battletoads?” achievement.
  • Achievement titles filled with Rare charm and humor.
  • For all the Spectrum, NES and Arcade games you can rewind. This is an example of not necessarily making the game easier but making it more accessible.
  • Rewind feature cannot be used in the Snapshots.
  • Hardest achievements: Get to level 30 in Rare Replay (you can get levels from getting stamps). To get level 30 you would have played all games and completed all milestones, Turbo Tunnel Snapshot, Grabbed by the Ghoulies 21 challenge.
  • Adam Park’s favorite game is Blast Corps.
  • Playlists are another challenge, combine different Snapshots from different games that have a common theme such as get to the end of the level or rack up a certain amount of points.
  • The Conker included in Rare Replay is the Nintendo 64 games. The Conker decision was one of the most difficult to make.
  • Used tons of fan feedback to help determine between the Nintendo 64 and Xbox version of Conker.
  • Also leaned towards the Nintendo 64 version because the split-screen multiplayer and it was the first appearance of Conker and the Conker world.
  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day has some very beautiful border art that can be toggled on and off.
  • So for XBLA and backwards compatibility it uses the saves as they were on the Xbox 360.
  • For the older Spectrum, NES and Arcade games Rare created their own save system. There are auto-saves of where exactly you left off. On top of the auto-save there are also 3 manual save slots.
  • Robin Beanland had to create a tune for Atic Atac from scratch.
  • The Xbox 360 games include the DLC.
  • This collection is definitely for the fans, a big thank you to everyone who has loved Rare.

Be sure to be ready tomorrow for even more Rare Replay Twitch streaming. Rare themselves will be hosting their own stream so be sure to go here and follow!

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