Fulgore Friday- The Cut Content Of Killer Instinct 2

Killer Instinct 2. It was the arcade follow-up to Rare’s immensely popular Killer Instinct arcade and released internationally in 1996. It introduced new characters, more moves, endings, and plenty of other new content that naturally wasn’t in the first game. Apparantly there was also plenty of content that was cut from the game or simply wasn’t released due to time constraints. That applies to pretty much every game, I’m sure, but what doesn’t always happen is that content being leaked online. In the case of Killer Instinct 2, that is exactly what has happened!

The Cutting Room Floor has hacked the arcade version of the game and in the process have managed to find a plethora of content that was still available in the memory. There are additional sound bytes, images and information on additional endings that was originally planned, unused moves and text and so much more! Visit here to see all of the content for yourself.

Of all of the content available there, what is your personal favorite? I would have loved to have had the option of unlocking the additional endings. That’s the best part of Killer Instinct 2 in my opinion. Having to complete specific tasks to unlock a particular ending. Share your thoughts below on what your opinions are on the cut content?