Fulgore Friday

Fulgore Friday is a monthly editorial that will beat its way into your minds through coverage of Rare’s fighting and beat em’ up titles. Killer Instinct, Battletoads and Kameo are the tips of the iceberg, but we’ll also be covering Grabbed by the Ghoulies and even Kinect Sports boxing! So if pounding and beating things into oblivion is your cup of tea, then come every month and we’ll fight together!

May 2012: Who is Fulgore
June 2012: The Fighting Moves of Killer Instinct
July 2012: The Death of Cinder
August 2012: The Argument for Killer Instinct 3
September 2012: So What Happened with Battletoads for Game Boy Advance?
October 2012: Joanna Dark’s Blurred Perspective
November 2012: Donkey Kong 64’s Battle Arena
December 2012: Grabbed by the Ghoulies’ Controversial Controls
January 2013: The Killer Instinct Arcade Experience
February 2013: The Inspiration For Battletoads
March 2013: Killer Instinct’s Multiple Endings (Arcade Version)
April 2013: Let’s Watch Some Ultra Combos
May 2013: The Cut Content Of Killer Instinct 2