Full Rare Replay Installation Will Be 50 GB

Thanks to the Xbox Store listing of Rare Replay we now know how big the whole Rare Reply package will be. According to the listing the actual game is only 11.26 GB but after downloading the Xbox 360 games included in the bundle Rare Replay will take about 50 GB of your Xbox One hard drive.

“After purchase, the Xbox 360 titles within Rare Replay will also be added to your download queue. Installation space for all titles will require a further 38Gb. If you cancel the installation of a title, you can reinstall at any time by locating the title in the “Ready to Install” section of My Games & app or within the Xbox Store.”

The nice thing about this is that if you don’t have the 50 GB of hard drive space free you don’t have to download all of Rare Replay. You can cancel the installation or uninstall the Xbox 360 games in Rare Replay you are not playing at the moment to free up some space. You will need at least 11.26 GB of space for the base Rare Replay though!

We are counting down the days until August 4th! Get your hard drives ready gamers!