Gory Detail Limited To Develop For Wii U

The development studio behind the amazing Parashoot Stan (here’s my review!), Gory Detail Limited, is planning to bring their new projects to Nintendo’s Wii U console. Studio head Chris Seavor made the announcement via his twitter after claiming his intentions of monetizing the upcoming Conker’s Bad Fur Day commentary. Details on the game itself are scarce, but this is the character who will star in the new project:


Excited yet? You should be. If not, then perhaps you should have a look at the individuals who had a hand in Parashoot Stan’s development. Excited now? Of course you are!

We’ll have more details on the new project in the future, but in the mean time why not leave a comment or two on your thoughts about this below? Is Chris Seavor being on Wii U enough to warrant a purchase of the console for you? Let us know!