Grabbed By The Ghoulies: The Official Story

Note: This is the official Grabbed by the Ghoulies story as derived from the instruction booklet…

Any Haven in a Storm?

Perched like a watchful vulture on top of a cliff, Ghoulhaven Hall broods over the shadowy landscape that forms its domain, lit by well-timed melodramatic zig-zags of lightning.

It’s also noticeably absent from the map.

Cooper shudders. Personally, he’d rather brave the storm than seek shelter in what appears to be the set of some over-the-top 1960s horror film. Amber’s not listening to his concerns, however; she’s had enought, and manages to drag Cooper as far as the main gates before he insists on checking the map one last time, trying to work out the quickest route to realcivlization.

Big mistake.

The next time he looks up, the creatures of Ghoulhaven have materialized out of thin air, bundled up the thrashing Amber and whisked her away into the depths of the haunted house! Within seconds, no trace of Amber or her captors remains and Cooper’s world is turned totally upside-down. Stunned, he realized he has no choice but to attempt a rescue.

What Cooper doesn’t know is that there’s more to Ghoulhaven Hall than meets the eye. A lot more. This first fateful appearance of its inhabitants has given him an inkling that it’s not just your everyday dilapidated old mansion, but until he sets foot inside, he has no idea just how many Ghoulies cram the place from floor to rafters, where they came from, or how they fit into the master plan of Ghoulhaven’s shadowy owner!