Hints Of A New FPS or Action/Adventure Game

Multiple AAA games are in line for release on the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, from Rare. Rare whose latest releases include the Kinect Sports series, appear to be heading down a more traditional route for the forthcoming Xbox. Does this mean a Perfect Dark 2, Banjo-Threeie, or perhaps Conkers’ Other Bad Fur Day? It remains to be seen, but according to Eurogamer.net, it is indicated that they are planning to create a new IP. Of course Rare have previously stated that they wouldn’t rule out returning to previous successful IP’s but the future definitely seems to be an exciting one, and who knows, maybe quality games are on their way.

Will Joanna Dark be kicking ass again in Perfect Dark 2?

The job advertisement stated, “Whilst continual development of their core releases will be maintained, the successful candidate will be joining at a time where the studio is looking to move into new areas and develop new IPs for future platforms.”

“You will have a successful history of releasing exceptional AAA games and these will ideally be in the Action/Adventure or FPS genre but this is not essential.”

We think Rare will play a great role for the Durango. What are your thoughts of this latest development? What kind of IP would you like to see? Should Rare also release a traditional IP along with a new one? Will it be Kinect compatible? (Most importantly, would you like it to be?) Leave a comment in the box below.