How To Get Your Favorite Fighter Into Killer Instinct

From the very day of Killer Instinct’s Xbox One announcement last week, fans of the original games have been clamoring for more details on which characters will be returning. Thus far, only three have been officially revealed to the public, and they are Sabrewulf, Jago and Glacius. But who else can we expect to be in the final product when it releases this Holiday season? Well, some of the decisions being made internally is actually based on your feedback and suggestions. So if there is a particular character that you want to be in this new Killer Instinct, then this is what you need to do to have your voice heard…

First of all, you need to vote. Double Helix has pieced together a poll on their official Facebook page where you can vote for which character you want to see the most. And secondly, you should visit Double Helix’s community forums, sign up for a free account, and tell them specifically which character(s) you want back and why. You could also leave your opinions in the comments of this post and I’ll be sure and forward them to Double Helix myself.

As you can clearly see, Double Helix is taking enormous strides in ensuring the community is heavily involved with the game’s development. So in this particular scenario, do not refrain from giving your opinions on the characters you believe should return. The developers are listening and your decisions are strongly being taken into consideration, so make your choices count!