How To Get Your Favorite Fighter Into Killer Instinct

How To Get Your Favorite Fighter Into Killer Instinct

From the very day of Killer Instinct’s Xbox One announcement last week, fans of the original games have been clamoring for more details on which characters will be returning. Thus far, only three have been officially revealed to the public, and they are Sabrewulf, Jago and Glacius. But who else can we expect to be in the final product when it releases this Holiday season? Well, some of the decisions being made internally is actually based on your feedback and suggestions. So if there is a particular character that you want to be in this new Killer Instinct, then this is what you need to do to have your voice heard…

First of all, you need to vote. Double Helix has pieced together a poll on their official Facebook page where you can vote for which character you want to see the most. And secondly, you should visit Double Helix’s community forums, sign up for a free account, and tell them specifically which character(s) you want back and why. You could also leave your opinions in the comments of this post and I’ll be sure and forward them to Double Helix myself.

As you can clearly see, Double Helix is taking enormous strides in ensuring the community is heavily involved with the game’s development. So in this particular scenario, do not refrain from giving your opinions on the characters you believe should return. The developers are listening and your decisions are strongly being taken into consideration, so make your choices count!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Your Favorite Fighter Into Killer Instinct

  1. edrick296

    Ok i will vote for TJ. Combo. Chief Thunder, Tusk and Orchid

  2. Juan Pablo

    I Will vote for Sabrewolf, Glacius, Jago and Cinder :D

  3. lilstunna83

    i will vote for TJ combo

  4. FLS Flow

    Dear Killer Instinct , Microsoft, Rare and Double Helix
    It is with a heavy heart that i write this letter to you guys. First i would like to introduce myself as Fls Flow a Proud Killer instinct Big ego from Lagos Nigeria. As you know Nigeria is in Africa and i expect you guys to be shocked that people in Nigeria actually want you guys to succeed with Killer instinct for X-box one The greatest Fighting game of all time in our opinion.
    Now straight to the real reason of me writing this letter to you guys. First I would like to request that whatever yall do with the Killer instinct title, please get serious minded developers and people with genuine love for Killer Instinct to preserve the Pride of the killer instinct genre. Let me start with a bit of a spoiler. I never ever bought an X-box, you know why? i was secretly sad and mad at Microsoft for not releasing a Killer instinct title for 17 years! The old me hated you guys with so much passion even though i use your PC and your operating systems. The part of me that hated you, hated you for only one reason- Killer instinct ! Its shocking to see how a 17 year old hatred can disappear in just one day of the announcement of a new killer instinct title. I ask myself, is it possible for me to hate you guys just because of a computer game? Something unreal, something virtual? Surprisingly yes. I have watched Sf4 and MK9 make their Future debut, the SF and MK fans smile everyday. What happened to me the KI fan? i was constantly sad and consumed with so much disgust for Microsoft for not making killer instinct 3. Now straight to what i wanted to talk about. The Double Helix team and the Killer instinct game they are developing for November 2013 release. I would like to let you know that we will accept nothing but excellence for Killer instinct. Killer instinct for X-box one is the only single reason that will make me buy an X-box one..just like all my friends worldwide .Let me tell you what we expect to see in the new Killer Instinct for X-box One
    I expect to see all the following characters Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Fulgore, Spinal, Orchid, Cinder, Thunder, Riptor, TJ Combo, Eyedol , Tusk , Maya, Kim-wu, Gargos No exceptions! infact all characters in KI1 and KI2 must all come back
    Also we expect you guys to include at least 15 new characters. Making a Total of 30 characters at least . We would appreciate if you could give us 50 characters in Total. This version should be futuristic and should bring forth new characters with completely new moves, storyline and fighting dynamics.

    FIRE- This should be the son of Cinder, a heat emitting creature just like cinder that should have various heat emitting moves. Can be invisible just like Cinder. You guys in Double Helix know exactly what to do
    SPHINX- Orchid’s daughter. She should be able to transform into the Tiger like Firecat that orchid does. Infact she should fight like a futuristic advanced version of orchid. You already get the picture guys.
    SHRINE – The daughter of Gargos and Eyedol’s marriage, she should wear big earrings like Eyedol and should be able to bring back lost life just like Eyedol. Let have have fireballs that would consume the entire screen. Am sure u get the picture of the character am trying to paint. Give her new moves. I leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    EVIL- The Son of gargos. Should be extremely difficult and challenging to beat, can assume the character of whoever he is battling and execute never been done moves that should zap life. i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    METHUSA- Should look like a Methusella, Should be a boss in the game and should be extremely hard to beat..i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    CHAMELEON – A character that can morph into any other character and can execute their moves . You already get the picture am trying to paint.
    SNAKE- A character that should fight just like a snake or a serpent. Should spit venom as fireball. Should have a biting flying move like jago’s windkick that kicks off a combo. I leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    ROBOTICS- Another robot looking character that entered into the tournament to challenge Fulgore for the supreme robot title. You already have an idea of what he should look and play like. i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    CYBORG- Another Robot sent by Ultratech to smoke Fulgore. Should be able to teleport and do 3 or even 5 fireballs at a time. Get creative with him guys
    Sabrewulf- i would like to see Sabrewulf retain his Bat Fireballs that he had in ki1, Bring back those bats and let people do fireballs with Sabrewulf, This bat is the essence of sabrewulf. Bring it back. Do not restrict him to a rush in fighter as shown in the demo like he was in KI2. Also let him retain his Stunner move in KI2 which he uses to daze opponents. Also give him the Bat throwing Ultimate finisher where he can send bats as an Ultimate move just like he had in KI2.
    RIPTOR- Ensure that all old characters that had fireballs retain their fireballs. This is a concrete legacy on which KI was built.

    Stages- Please for goodness sake, preserve the long bridge stages like orchid, spinal and thunder stage in ki1 that enabled people to do explosive Fireball battles. This is one of the reason why KI is a jewel. Fireball battles, I repeat Long stages for Fireball battles
    3D Stages-Please make sure all the stages can rotate in 3D just like we had in KI1 and KI2, remember we all use 3DTVs now, and we will like to take advantage of the 3D technology when playing Killer instinct on the Xbox one. In as much as the game is 2D, we still want the 3D rotation and dimension like we had in the arcades to be maintained
    Sky Stage- Bring back a 3D version of the sky stage. Make the stage more high tech. This is 2013 guys. Give us a Futuristic stage that should kick-ass.
    The dark fighting game music for KI must be retained, epic , Violin pumping wolf style orchestral music must be used. Do not use music that is below average. KI is too classic to be let down music wise.

    Voice Over/Announcer Vocals: The announcer should use a dark voice, a Gothic themed dark voice which made kI what it was today. Do not water down the announcements, ensure that Supreme victory vocals and Fight off vocals came back. Ensure that Character names are called when selected. Ensure that Combo is pronounced at the end of every combo, Triple combo, Beastly combo, Monster Combo, killer combo, instead of just beastly, awesome , monster as shown in the demo.
    After all is said and done, Two things will happen, people will love and respect Double helix for putting out a Classic or people will despise Double helix for Killing the Killer instinct legacy. I Implore you guys to listen to what people request for, do not look down on anyone’s suggestions, take peoples advice and requests seriously, if people are asking for Finishers , Ultimates and No mercy, Please include it . If people are requesting for more new characters pls give it to them . If people are requesting for Fireballs for their favourite Characters please give it to them. There is no need to be Lazy about anything. Anything worth doing is worth doing excellently.
    My dear friends in Double Helix, Rare and Microsoft, I want you guys to succeed, I want the Killer Instinct legacy to come back to life. No Title in the entire universe deserve the Top spot, It is the One and Only Killer instinct. Please do it right for the Legacy. Do it right for Nostalgia. Do it right for the guys that will play tournaments to win Millions of dollars, Do it for brothers who play against each other everyday. Do it for the unborn generation that will play Killer instinct decades later. Do it for a lifetime. Do it for Microsoft, Do it for Double Helix, Do it for Rare, Do it for Africa, Do it For Asia, Do it for Europe, Do it for the United States, Do it for the world, Do it for Gaming, Do it for Creativity, Do it for love, Do it for the Art, Do it for your Children, Do it for Yourself, Make it a Classic for all of us.
    If readers , fans or anyone would like to Contact me My email address is or holla at me on twitter @Flow__Show

    Thanks and I wish Microsoft, Rare and Double helix the Best of luck in November

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