Jet Force Gemini: The Official Story

Note: This is the official Jet Force Gemini story as derived from the instruction booklet


“There goes another one,” sighed Juno as one more dot on the splintered on-screen galaxy map flickered and turned red.

The twins were fast losing count of the number of urgent reports they’d made to the Federation since this whole affair began. But still the Federation had refused to commit. Just another petty tyrant, they kept saying. Let him have a few minor stars, and he’ll be satisfied…

But of course that wasn’t happening. Savage attacks on the Jet Force Gemini patrol ships had left the squadron crippled, with only a single ship–that of Juno, Vela and Lupus–escaping by the skin of its teeth. And with their hyperdrive unit damaged beyond repair, they were trapped in a war zone that was expanding by the day.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Mizar had invaded Goldwood, home world of the peace-loving Tribals, and taken almost the entire colony into slavery. The Tribals were values allies, and it was a source of guilt and shame to Jet Force that they hadn’t been there to help.

Vela rose suddenly from her seat. “We’re out of options, Juno,” she announced. “It’s time to go.”

“I know,” he nodded, rubbing his head wearily. “We’re a sitting target, and we’re not going to last another day if we…”

He found himself cut off in mid-sentence as, without warning, the floor beneath them shuddered from the force of a furious blast down in the bowels of the ship.

“What now?” yelled Vela, wheeling to face the main monitor as it threw up an abrupt, horrifying image of chittering Drone raiders from a Stealth Ship docked at the devastates cargo bay doors.

“You two get going, and I’ll join you down on Goldwood when I’ve secured the ship.”

“Not a chance!” spluttered Vela. “What if you…”

But Juno was already steering her out into the corridor. “Vela, there’s no time!” he hissed. “If Mizar takes the ship, we’re all trapped, and the Tribals lose the only chance they have. Now take Lupus and get out of here!”

Vela took a deep breath, then turned and sprinted alongside Lupus in the direction of the teleport bay–and the death-or-glory crusade that lay beyond.