Kameo 2 Concept Art and 3D Models

If you haven’t watched the Previously Unseen Kameo 2 video included in Rare Replay you should definitely check it out now but if you have and want some more Kameo 2 goodies keep on reading. Former Rare artist, Dean Wilson, posted some great art from Kameo 2 last month in celebration of the launch of Rare Replay.

This concept art had not been seen before as it happened to exist only on Dean’s computer. The art included looks to be off a huge city built in the mountains.

His next Kameo tweet included an in-engine shot from a level called ‘Sanctum of the Kings’ he was modeling at the time.

After that Dean shared some concept art of a very ominous cave with huge stalagmites. There also appears to be some tracks for a train or cart. Perhaps this cave would be mined for resources of some kind?

This Kameo related tweet is very cool as it has images taken from the opening scene of the game. We see Kameo in a hood traveling on a boat in the middle of then night. What is also interesting is she seems to be being escorted by a troll.

You can click on the images below for larger versions.



And the last tweet at least for now from Dean with more unseen Kameo 2 art is one with another in-engine shot of a grand hallway. Apparently it was going to have even more color than it did when this shot was taken.

Let us know what you think of what we have seen of Kameo 2 in the comments below. Thank you Dean for sharing this awesome material!