Kameo: Elements of Power: The Official Story

Note: This is the official Kameo: Elements of Power story as derived instruction booklet

Trolls, as everyone knows, are nothing but trouble.

Long ago, so the tribal elders say, they were welcome inside the Elfin borders. But while other tribes respected the leadership of King Solon and his Elves, the Trolls decided that there was more to be said for sheer physical size and aggression than wisdom and magical trickery. And so it was that Thorn, by far the strongest fo his generation, rose quickly through the Troll ranks to become their own King.

Nobody suspected that behind Thorn’s impressive size was a mind to match, and he took advantage of this blindness to begin conquering the other tribes. Perhaps King Solon could have seen what was happening, but as fate would have it, he was away on the traditionaly quest of the Elfin Royal line–the search for the Elemental Warriors, living natural forces gifted to the Elves in a time long past.

Since the day that those Warriors were seized by a higher power and scattered to the winds, the Elves had been duty-bound to seek out and return them to the pages of the fabled Wotnot Book. Solon was even more determined than most since he had inherited the Element of Power, which granted its wielder the ability to take on the forms of the Elemental Warriors themselves.

In time Solon returned to his Kingdom in a triumph, where he discovered Thorn’s actions and used the power of the Warriors to vanquish the Troll King, sending his treacherous race into exile. Sadly that day would bring curses and blessings in equal measure, as King Solon also vanished in the wake of the battle. His fate would be anxiously disputed for years, but nobody could ever say for sure what had happened.

History moved on, and Solon’s wife Theena was left to rule the Kingdom with what remained of her family. At least there was peace once more in the tribal lands, and while some said that Thorn had not been killed, merely somehow confined, these doubts were not enough to keep folk from falling back into the simple pleasures of everyday life.

Eventually attention turned to Kameo and Kalus, blossoming daughters of the Elfin Royal Family. All in the Kingdom knew that when they reached adulthood, one of the these two Princesses would claim the throne, the Kingdom itself and the Element of Power, that which once commanded the Elemental Warriors and tamed the most infamous Troll of all. Surely things could only bring joy…