Kameo Facts You May Not Have Known About

Chris Allcock, one of the key designers and script writer of Kameo: Elements of Power, took to Twitter earlier today to dish out some random facts about the game that you possibly didn’t know about. Here’s the catalog of facts he was so kind to share with everyone…

Fact #1- The Ogre’s Swamp was one of the first areas designed for the game. On the GCN [Gamecube] he’d eat Kameo for an instant Game Over.

Fact #2- The Crystal Eyes hidden around the Enchanted Kingdom used to be necessary to unlock the gate leading to the next area.

Fact #3- The throne room has over a million floating particles, but only one throne, so should really be “The Particle Room”.

Fact #4- The villagers all have an element they like and one they fear– the Forgotten Forest dwellers hate Ash, for example.

Fact #5- Forgotten Forest villagers sleep by burying themselves into their flower beds in their houses.

For more goings on about Sir Chris and to pester him for more facts, follow him via his official Twitter.