Kinect Sports Rivals Available Now!

The latest game from Rare, Kinect Sports Rivals, is now available to purchase in retail stores carrying the game, online outlets and via Xbox One! Here’s the offical press release from Rare:

Here we go! This week sees a brand new generation of the Kinect Sports franchise touch down on shelves across the world. April 8th is the big day in North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, while Europe picks it up just a few days later on April 11th.

Need some background? Kinect Sports Rivals is the first title to truly take advantage of the new Kinect sensor and Xbox Live, fully rendered in 1080p HD. Its groundbreaking face and body scanning software transforms you into an in-game Champion to compete in the game world as a mighty version of yourself!

All six of the wide-ranging events take place on a stunning island populated by three competing teams and a playing field of real life Champions out to hone their skills, outclass their Rivals and rise to the top. Wake Racing, Climbing and Target Shooting are the first-time experiences on offer here alongside powerful new servings of the ever-popular Tennis, Bowling and Soccer.

This is far deeper than previous Kinect Sports titles: you can crack open courses and setups of varying difficulties, equip and charge power-ups specific to each sport, and fill your own personal locker room with unlockable outfits and equipment as you build your skills. With 1.2 million downloads of KSR Preseason since November 2013 we’ve already got a treasure trove of prizes waiting in the full game for early campaign-busters to collect.

Instant pick-up-and-play fun is still on the table, with local and online multiplayer available in all sports and a Quick Play mode to get you straight into the action when you’ve got friends or family in the room and raring to go. Better yet, people on your Xbox friends list become your in-game Rivals, their Champions showing up to take you on in events when your friends aren’t actually online – and vice versa!

When you’ve got the time to spend on mastery, Coach and the teams (worthy Eagle Legion, earthy Wolf Clan and murky Viper Network) are ready to put you through your paces. Download the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub from Xbox Live and you can also jump into the competition of Rivals League, earn Fans for your performances and scale the global leaderboards.

Kinect Sports Rivals is available to preorder online, but if you’re in North America and planning to pick it up this week, Microsoft stores have a range of events, giveaways and signings so it’s worth checking what’s on. And don’t forget to sign up for the KSR World Championship, where you can play for a grand prize of $10,000 and (with no exaggeration) the trip of a lifetime!

Ready to be our Rivals? We’ll see you on the island…