Kinect Sports Rivals FAQ

Rare has posted a FAQ on their website answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Kinect Sports Rivals. One question and answer is posted below, so you’ll need to visit Rare’s site for the rest!

Question: Can I skip the training/cutscenes?

Answer: Coach’s training is essential to getting the most from the game. Crucial tips like steering your wake racer with handlebar gestures, charging and activating power-ups, adding topspin or backspin in Tennis; all these things need a little instruction, and this depth is a major element of what KSR has to offer.

The narrative scenes were intentionally kept very brief so as not to impede progress while also providing substance for those who value a single-player story mode. However, once you’ve watched an intro cutscene, if you want to skip the actual event and progress to the next one you can do so from the Pause screen. Note that as training and narrative events are replaced by new events upon completion, the same applies to skipped events. So replaying these events later would require you to sign in using a different profile.