Meet The Cast Of Kinect Sports Rivals: James Goode (Vargu)

Here is a partial Rare interview with James Goode, the actor who portrays the character Vargu in Kinect Sports Rivals. For the full interview, visit Rare’s official website.

Rare: How would you describe your character in Kinect Sports Rivals, and why do you think people should sign up for his team?

James Goode: Vargu is a very straightforward character – you’d definitely want him on your side in a battle. Tough and incredibly strong, loyal, doesn’t have a ‘side’ to him, will praise you only when it’s warranted but still encourage you when you’ve messed up. I find him appealingly soft-centred, especially when it comes to his beautiful daughter.

Rare: Did you have a particular favourite scene to shoot on the day?

JG: No one scene in particular – the whole experience was a delight!