Meet The Cast Of Kinect Sports Rivals: Nick Barber (Blake)

This new entry in Rare’s Meet The Cast features actor Nick Barber, who plays the role of Blake in Kinect Sports Rivals. A portion of Rare’s interview with him is posted below with the full interview available at Rare’s official website

Rare: Where are gamers and non-gamers most likely to have seen (or heard) your work before?

Nick Blake: Gamers will have heard me as the Race Engineer in Formula 1‘s 2011/12 games, providing the driver in-race with all the (hopefully!) helpful information about the car, the race, and the weather. Non-gamers could have seen me recently in a Dulux ad on the telly.

Rare: How would you describe your character in Kinect Sports Rivals, and why do you think people should sign up for his team?

NB: Blake, who I play, was really fun to do. He’s a Captain America-esque kind of guy for whom honour is everything. He thinks nothing is worth winning unless you win it fair and square. He’s confident, but not insufferably so – he does have a human side, and he does listen, unlike some of the other team captains!

Players should join Eagle Legion because they get to be part of a team that really values their talents and their contribution. They also have the satisfaction of knowing they’re winning not because they cheated, but because they really were the best.