Meet The Cast Of Kinect Sports Rivals: William Hope (Coach)

Rare today began running a feature on the cast of Kinect Sports Rivals. In the first part, they focus on Coach, who is portrayed by famed Aliens actor William Hope. Read a portion of Rare’s interview with the actor below and visit Rare’s official site for the full interview!

Rare: How did you get into videogame acting?

William Hope: A friend was directing a big techno political thriller and cast me as the leading bad guy contracted for 70 hours perf capture. I completed around 15 hours and the production was then cancelled by the new publishers. It may still be resurrected.

Rare: Was this your first experience of performance capture? If so, how was it? If not, are you worried that you’re starting to like the suit?

WH: All any actor really wants to do is get a crack at good writing, expand and deepen your skills and pay the bills!

Working in a suit is fine and gives the opportunity to explore new territory. The ultimate goal is to perform superb work like Andy Serkis’s Gollum!