Microsoft Officially Announces Smart Glass

Microsoft will officially be bringing tablet and smart phone powered media capabilities to the Xbox 360 this Fall with Smart Glass. What Smart Glass does is basically allow you to steam content on your handheld device and continue it later at home on your Xbox or vice versa. It can also be used for gaming to serve as a map, allow you to you see and select plays in Madden, for example, and even will provide real-time information on a movie or television show you’re currently watching. Microsoft even hinted at the possibility of one day being able to fully play Xbox games on your devices in junction with its Xbox counterpart. This is a huge deal and will definitely help to invigorate sales with the 360 just as Kinect has and the best part is the Smart Glass app will be free-of-charge. Of course, a smart phone or tablet is required and a gold-based Xbox LIVE subscription will enhance the features. Smart Glass will be free to download this Fall.