Microsoft Renews Trademark For Jet Force Gemini


It’s happening…again. In a similar fashion to Killer Instinct and Battletoads, Microsoft has renewed the trademark to Rare’s Jet Force Gemini. The renewal actually took place back on June 12th, 2015, but it was most recently ‘Published for Opposition’ on the 19th of this month, which is the next step in it officially becomes part of the ‘Principal Register’. When that happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be getting a new game in the sci-fi franchise, but it definitely means we should expect something from it in the future. When Killer Instinct was renewed, we received an entire reboot to the game that is still continuing to this day with a third season and Windows 10 release coming this March; with Battletoads, it has really just been a number of cameos. They appeared in some exclusive content in the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight and Rash will be playable character in the aforementioned Season 3 of KI. Will Jet Force Gemini receive that same cameo-style treatment or are we in store for an all-new game in the future? E3 is just a few months away so hopefully we can expect some news by then!

Let us know in the comments what your hopes and expectactions are regarding Microsoft’s renewal of Jet Force Gemini!