“New” Dinosaur Planet Footage Surfaces

“New” Dinosaur Planet Footage Surfaces

Dinosaur Planet. Remember that game? It was one of Rare’s really hyped titles for the Nintendo 64 that later became Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo GameCube. Horrible decision in my opinion, but it is what it is. Recently, some brand new footage in the form of a trailer has surfaced online over at Rare Minion along with character bios and story information. An embed of the trailer can be watched below…

Last month for RFDB’s July edition of Thorn Thursday, I wrote an article questioning what happened with General Scales. The main thing in question being why we didn’t get to fight him. If you’ll watch and take notice in that video, you can clearly see a fight between Fox and General Scales. It’s not just some cutscene either, it’s actual gameplay. Makes you wonder now if time really was the issue now, huh?

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