New Rare Skins Available Now For Minecraft Xbox 360

Rare Minecraft Birthday

To celebrate Minecraft Xbox 360’s second birthday, a new set of Rare themed skins for your character has been released. Available only until May 18th and absolutely free, the second birthday skin pack includes the following…

Banjo-Kazooie series: Banjo & Kazooie, Gruntilda, Kazooie
Viva Piñata series: Horstachio, Pretztail, Fudgehog
Conker series: Conker (Bad Fur Day), Conker (Live & Reloaded)

In addition to this is the first birthday skin pack that released around this same time last year. Remember, they are only available until May 18th, where they will taken back off the marketplace once the date has expired. Hit the links below to download them now or search for them via your Xbox 360 Game Marketplace. For more information, visit Rare’s website.

Minecraft Second Birthday Skin Pack

Minecraft First Birthday Skin Pack