New Section- Rare Games!

Early last week, I made a post about how many games Rare has developed in their 27 year history. I promised I would ‘soon’ provide a list of said Rare games and today I start making good on that promise. To start things off, I have a compiled a complete list of all of Rare’s NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games in a nicely done alphabetically ordered fashion in RFDB’s new dedicated ‘Rare Games’ section in the left sidebar.

For the time being, this section will include only lists of all of Rare’s games for each console and handheld (other lists coming soon) that they have developed over the years, but in the future I plan to provide information, exclusive screenshots and videos, and reviews for each title. It’s a huge and ambitious undertaking, but also one I hope to eventually complete.

For now, here is the Rare NES games list and expect the others shortly.