No Story Mode For Killer Instinct At Launch, Classic Game Is Emulated, Round Two Details, And More!

IGN had the opportunity to speak with Ken Lobb at Gamescom today and he had some interesting new information to reveal about the game. In regards to the game’s story mode and the two DLC characters, they will not be available until around February or March of next year. The game will launch with six characters and online, practice, and training modes. That’s it. As far as Rare’s classic Killer Instinct game, it’s simply an emulated version of the original title and may not even be playable online. Very disappointing right? And the different character skins? They are completely different designs with some of them paying homages to their original character models.

The most interesting thing that Ken brought to light though was the explanation of the “Killer Instinct: Round One” we’ve been seeing listed in various places online. Round One is basically everything that was revealed today and the above listed information. Round Two, which will launch next year, is Double Helix pretty much the same game being developed with new characters, new stages and so forth. As Ken explains it: “Killer Instinct will also have a “season two,”. It wouldn’t be characters. The idea is, we’ll have season two. Go out a year-ish, and just repeat the whole thing. It’s one game. So you can cherry pick from season two and play with season one, so it’s one ecosystem. It’s not sharded.” This I am quite fond of. As long as the game succeeds, we’ll basically keep getting more and more content added it to each year. Not bad, huh?

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