Official Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection Press Release from Rare

Here you go…finally! Straight from the horses mouth, as they say…

Continuing the September profile resurgence for Kinect Sports, an optimised double-pack of BAFTA-winning bestsellers Kinect Sports and Season Two is released to retail today under the title of Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection.

With the six sports featured in the original game (Boxing, Bowling, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Track & Field), another six from the sequel (Golf, Darts, Baseball, Tennis, Skiing, American Football) AND all five packs of Kinect Sports: Season Two add-on content including the Basketball Challenge Pack, you’re looking at 13 maxed-out sports in a single package. If you’re new to Kinect or you’ve yet to lay down the cash for either of its two essential sports games, you won’t get a more enticing opportunity than this!

It doesn’t matter how you like to play, as over the course of both games we’ve covered just about every eventuality: solo progress, same room play with friends and family, online play (co-op and competitive) over Xbox LIVE, large group multiplayer in Party Play and Quick Play, asynchronous Season Two Challenge Play when friends are offline – you can’t fail to find something to do, especially with the full suite of Season Two add-on content thrown in. There are also challenges and mini games, a player levelling system, achievements and avatar awards, selectable opponent difficulty levels, video highlights (with KinectShare upload options), Season Two’s voice commands…

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection is available in North America today and due to launch across Europe on September 21st, Australia/NZ in October and Japan in November. Price varies by territory. A free demo (currently exclusive to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers) is also available today.

For more information, visit Rare’s official website.