Parashoot Stan Receives Its Second Update

Gory Detail Limited and Chris Seavor’s mobile game, Parashoot Stan, has received it’s second update on iOS devices. The following list includes changes that have been made to the game as well newly added content:

  • Text Available in German and French.
  • New Shop Options: Pal Packs, Scarf Packs, and Chute Packs.
  • Graphics engine optimized for smoother play of older devices.
  • Much smaller memory footprint.
  • Look out for “Rate Game” message to earn $1,500 in-game currency!
  • Tweaked game balance.
  • Tweaked control settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.

So there you have it! New content and adjustments to make an already great game and even better one! Read my review and check out these tips on how to play the game!