Perfect Dark: The Official Story

Note: This is the official story derived from the Perfect Dark instruction manual


Since the dawn of man, our planet has been watched. The reasons for this interest differ from race to race: some merely wish to observe until humanity has evolved to a point where they can introduce themselves without sparking mass panic, while the motives of others are considerably less benign.

Not all humans are oblivious to the watchers above and among us. Daniel Carrington, head of the elite Carrington Institute, suspects that rapid technological developements at dataDyne HQ are the result of the corporation taking a dark path to first contact–a path which apparantly branches through major government agencies.

Whether or not his suspicions are justified, it is clear that events are rushing to a head. People are being abducted, animals mutilated. Someone amongst the stars desperately wants something they believe us to have, and Carrington suspects that the grand plan penetrates far deeper than the recent surface incidents. Using all means available, the Institute has resolved to find out exactly what is going on before it’s too late. Only recently has it been offered its first real lead into the conspiracy: urgent messages from one Dr. Caroll located deep within the heart of dataDyne operations, requesting extraction from the company before alleged threats on his life are actually carried out.

Cue freshly qualified Agent Joanna Dark, code-named Perfect Dark thanks to her unprecedented achievements in training. Her first real assignment could hardly be of more importance: infiltrate the dataDyne skyscraper, locate Dr. Caroll, and bring him back to the Institute undetected and unharmed. With events at dataDyne shrouded in mystery, yet moving so fast, whatever knowledge Dr. Caroll possesses could ultimately decide the fate of the human race.