Perfect Dark Zero Facts You May Not Have Known About

Chris Allcock, one of the key designers and script writer of Kameo: Elements of Power, took to Twitter earlier today to dish out some random facts about Perfect Dark Zero courtesy of PDZ designer Dale that you possibly didn’t know about. Here’s the catalog of facts he was so kind to share with everyone…

Fact #1- The binary sequence during one of the early mission briefings contains a hidden message.

Fact #2- The allure of Pixies fans, Captain Santiago (before his transfer to Area 51) is hailed over the PA system.

Fact #3- The game’s instruction manual indicates that your blood type determines your personality. It is based off of a popular belief in Japanese culture and the PDZ wanted to ensure that Joanna and Jack (her father) could feasibly be related.

Fact #4- Jack’s rambling when Ziegler whomps him with the neural drive predistines Joanna’s future encounters, including that of Elvis from Perfect Dark!

Fact #5- Every level contains a hidden rat. A precursor to Perfect Dark’s hidden cheese!

For more goings on about Sir Chris and to pester him for more facts, follow him via his official Twitter.