Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: The Fast And The Furriest

Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: The Fast And The Furriest

If you are able to collect enough stamps in Rare Replay from completing challenges you will unlock special feature videos ranging from interviews to videos of unreleased games. We here at RareFanDaBase just unlocked the video for the unreleased racing game The Fast And The Furriest.

The Fast And The Furriest would have looked to Diddy Kong Racing for inspiration while also striving to update the racing genre. Below you can watch the video that can be unlocked and viewed in Rare Replay:

The Fast And The Furriest would have used Rare’s own characters from all their past games for drivers. Each driver would have a vehicle that embodied that characters persona and best matched their style.

The racing stages would also play a role as the players could affect and be affected by the them. The environment could be manipulated by the players with Banjo’s wrench from Nuts & Bolts. Each racer would have one that could alter the playing field in various ways such as building and taking apart bridges to taking parts from opponents vehicles for their own. Vehicle customization would have also been an option.

Not only was the goal of The Fast And The Furriest to update the racing genre but to also be accessible.

We have known for a while that Rare had been making a karting game with Banjo in it for some time now but it was unclear what kind of kart game it would have been. Now discovering it would have taken inspiration from Diddy Kong Racing and learning the kind of new features Rare wanted to include in the game we get a better picture of what a modern kart racer Rare would look like today.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.25.26 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.25.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.26.01 AM

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2 thoughts on “Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: The Fast And The Furriest

  1. SpongicX

    Too bad it was cancelled. This cancelled game had quite the change though. I remember the title was originally said to be a game that would work with the Xbox 360’s original motion camera. It would have starred avatars dressed as Rare characters though. That idea likely made it’s way into Kinect Sports, but without the Rare Mascot concept.

  2. Sydle

    Xbox still needs a kart racer. Hopefully this isn’t completely dead.

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