Rare And Ken Lobb Are Assisting With Killer Instinct’s Development

The announcement of Killer Instinct coming to Xbox One yesterday has been controversial at best. It’s free-to-play, “episodic”, digital only, and so forth… many things that the majority of fans just don’t agree with. On top of that, it appeared that Killer Instinct was being developed solely by a different company called Double Helix Games, with no confirmation on whether or not Rare was even remotely involved with the project. Thankfully, those fears can now be put to rest as Rare is, in fact, quite involved with the game afterall.

Eurogamer spoke with the producer of the game last night who confirmed to them that Rare is helping them with the project. “At Rare there are not many people who worked on the original game who are there any more,” the producer said, “but there are some people who worked on it. We send builds to them. We get their feedback, and we factor that in to how we approach the game.”

In addition to that, Ken Lobb, who was the man responsible for getting the original Killer Instinct off the ground at Nintendo and Rare to begin, is also heavily involved with the game. “It’s unstructured,” the producer explained. “We want to make sure when we’re making it we’re staying true to the original game and Rare is good at helping us with that. But the real standard bearer for that is Ken Lobb. He’s the guy keeping that alive. He has the knowledge of all the systems.”

I am literally breathing resounding sighs of relief here. I am, once again, extremely excited for Killer Instinct’s return now that I know that both Rare and Ken Lobb are assisting in its development. That is absolutely fantastic news! Don’t you all agree? Aren’t you much more excited about it now?! Look for exclusive hands-on impressions later today!