Rare Games Section Completed

A couple of days ago I launched a new ‘Rare Games’ section that included a then current list of all released NES Rare titles and promised that more lists would be available shortly. Today, I deliver on that promise and now have lists of every Rare title ever developed available for you to browse through. I’ve even included games that were cancelled and others that had been converted to other titles, such as Diddy Kong Pilot. Just look to the ‘Rare Games’ section in the left sidebar and click on the respective name of the console or handhelf to view the list of Rare titles.

As previously mentioned, they’re nothing but lists for the time being but content will slowly be added to the title in due time. So be patient with that as it’s something that will take quite awhile to accomplish. So in the meantime, enjoy what’s there and maybe you’ll even come across a game that you didn’t even know Rare had developed!