Rare Replay – Rare Stream Highlights 07/29/15

Rare Replay – Rare Stream Highlights 07/29/15

Here are the highlights from today’s Rare Rare Replay stream:

  • All games have a theatrical stage to present them
  • None of the games are locked off. You can jump into any game from the get go
  • Complete milestones to get stamps to fill up your lottery card
  • Every time you fill up a lottery card, you level up. Max level is 30
  • Border art can be removed
  • Everything in terms of difficulty is exactly as it was in the original game
  • Rewind can be turned off
  • There is not an achievement for never using the rewind feature
  • Nintendo 64, Xbox, and Xbox 360 games do not have the rewind feature
  • Concept Showcases has devs who worked on the games discussing how the things in the games were created
  • Over 16,000 images of sprites just from the SNES games archived at Rare
  • Unreleased music is unlockable
  • Snapshots take you specific challenges within the games
  • All 360 games are on the disc. They will require a ONE TIME online connection to activate
  • You can install and uninstall 360 games any time you wish. It will not have any effect on Rare Replay
  • If you load your save data from the 360 games to the cloud, Rare Replay will pull from those achievements to automatically fill in any milestones they would have needed to be completed
  • Nintendo 64 games can only be accessed through the Rare Replay game gallery
  • The vast majority of Rare Replay was emulated
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies is the only game that wasn’t actually emulated. It was ported and upgraded to runs at a full 1080p/60fps
  • No online multiplayer added to games that didn’t feature it before. However, snapshots do include online leaderboards
  • 360 games include all DLC released
  • Different touches throughout the Game Stages. Sitting idle there will show different set animations
  • Each Stage has its own unique intro music
  • Jet Force Gemini will have dual analog controls, but it will not be ready at launch. It will come later with an update
  • Robin Beanland discusses the soundtrack to Jet Force Gemini
  • Every single game has Milestones
  • You don’t need all 1,000 gamescore in the 360 games to complete all of the Milestones for those games
  • E3 was an amazing year to represent Rare
  • Rare will be at Gamescom next week with Rare Replay to demo the game
  • It was a load of fun for Robin to create new tunes for each of the games in the collection
  • Infamous glitch in Level 11 of Battletoads has been fixed
  • Rare has worked in conjunction with Code Mystics on emulating the games in Rare Replay
  • Chose Conker’s Bad Fur Day over Live & Reloaded because they wanted to stick with the original version of the game. Also wanted people to experience the original multiplayer
  • Have many of the voices of your favorite characters on video doing the voices in Rare Replay
  • The most challenging games to emulate over were the Nintendo 64 games. It was a challenge getting them to run at a proper a speed
  • Ken Lobb and Kevin Bayliss discuss the making of KI Gold as an unlockable
  • KI Gold was selected over the SNES version because they felt it was more accessible with the included training mode
  • Conker voices weren’t scripted. Chris Seavor would come in, say what he had in mind, and the team would improvise
  • Didn’t rule out the possibility of additional titles being added to the collection

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