Rare Replay Update Available Now! Bug Fixes, Full-Screen Play And More!

A new update is now available for Rare Replay that addresses some bugs in the game, adds full-screen support when playing games without borders, etc. Here’s the full rundown of everything that has been addressed in the update…

•Added full-screen support for games played without borders
•Added developer tags to game leaderboards

Bug fixes:
•Fixed an issue causing players to lose progress or milestones when returning to Rare Replay from Xbox 360 titles
•Fixed an issue causing Snapshots to crash when the player selected ‘Retry’
•Fixed an issue that occurred when users reverted to classic controls in Jet Force Gemini
•Fixed an issue truncating some leaderboard values
•Fixed an issue changing the audio pitch in Battletoads Arcade
•Fixed a number of minor UI bugs

Source: Microsoft Studios Blog