Rare Replay Will Use Xbox 360 Cloud Saves And Achievements

In a recent interview from Rare Gamer with James Thomas we learned some more details on how the Xbox 360 games in Rare Replay would carry over to the Xbox One. Rare Gamer asked James if the 10,000 gamerscore attached with Rare Replay was a whole new set of achievements or if existing achievements were included. Here is what James had to say:

So the 360 games are as they currently are on the 360, nothing added or taken away. The benefit of this is that you get to use your existing Achievements to get a head start in unlocking the bonus content within Rare Replay. Furthermore your saves carry across too thanks to the wonders of The Cloud – if you saved it up there on 360, it’ll be there on Xbox One. Now some swift maths should then give you a hint as to how much Gamerscore is within the remaining games and it’s fair to say we’ve pushed the boat out on that one and broken normal conventions.

So the good news is if you already beat Perfect Dark Zero on Dark Agent you don’t need to worry about doing it again! Also, if you are in the middle of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts you can carry on with your Xbox One where you left off on the 360.

This is also good news for those of us dying to unlock all the bonus features in Rare Replay right away. Completing achievements and other milestones in Rare Replay unlocks hours of interviews and never before seen footage of past Rare games. It is a nice treat for the gamers who have already spent hours completing Rare’s Xbox 360 games to have quick access to this content.

How many achievements will you have unlocked right away? Let us know in the comments below!