Rare Wants Kinect Sports Rivals To Be An Evergreen Title

Rare Wants Kinect Sports Rivals To Be An Evergreen Title

In an interview with OXM, Rare’s Simon Woodroffe said the he wants the studios’ upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals to among the first titles people buy on Xbox One and expects it to sell for years to come. He also says to expect plenty of free DLC following the game’s release.

“It’s got six sports, but there are effectively 12 events based around them – so there’s basic racing but there’s also time trials and things like that, and we’re planning to release more different ways to play post-launch for free,” he explained to OXM.

“We think – well, we hope that this is the sort of game that’s still one of the first things that anyone who buys an Xbox One gets even two or three years from now. Sort of like Wii Sports and Mario Kart for the Wii. Our visual aesthetic, our graphics are quite evergreen, they’re not going to date – it’s got that sort of Pixar-style look to it.

“We’re trying to make something that’s still relevant to consumers as the audience shifts away from the core early adopters to the mainstream gamers – it’s still a relevant experience for them. And of course for them it’s even better value because there’s more things going on, there’s a history there that they can get involved in.”

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One thought on “Rare Wants Kinect Sports Rivals To Be An Evergreen Title

  1. Clint Welding

    I hate hearing “Rare’s” goals, because it isn’t Rare’s goals, it’s Microsoft’s. Microsoft has been misleading Rare fans for years that Rare is in creative control, but they aren’t, Microsoft abandoned all the games and traditions that people loved and replaced it with a Wii Sports series rip off for Kinect. Also, for an Xbox One title, 6 sports for a $60 does not sound like an improvement at all. I hope Microsoft goes bankrupt, and are forced to sell Rare back to Nintendo, I’m sure Rare would be more productive there.

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