RareFanDaBase Will Be Attending E3!

For the first time, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending E3 this year. I’ve had the privilege to be a part of Microsoft’s Media Briefings, but never the actual E3 showfloor. Now as ecstatic as I am about it, don’t mistake it as me attending for my own entertainment. I’m going first and foremost for you, to bring you hands-on impressions of the games available to play. So I’ve composed a schedule of sorts for you below, with my E3 plans beginning as early as Wednesday this week!

Wednesday, June 5th- Microsoft Media Briefing 2013 Predictions will be published.

Sunday, June 9th- Head to the LA Convention Center to pick up my Microsoft and E3 Badges.

Monday, June 10th- Attend Microsoft’s 2013 Media Briefing. Run time is from 9:30 AM-11:00AM (PST). Publish an article comparing predictions with what was actually shown.

Tuesday, June 11th- E3 Showfloor from 12PM-6PM. Hands-on impressions to come after the event.

Wednesday, June 12th- E3 Showfloor from 10AM-6PM. Hands-on impressions to come after the event.

Thursday, June 13th- E3 Showfloor from 10AM-5PM. Hands-on impressions to come after the event.

Friday, June 14th- Continued hands-on impressions and additional articles and information.

Since this is, of course, a Rare focused website, my hands-on impressions for here will be limited to Rare and general Xbox related products. Non-Rare Xbox games as well as Sony games (if time allows!) and other general products will be covered at DevinDurock.com. If you’re interested in Nintendo and their products, I’ll be covering them as well, but all impressions will be published at WantMidnaBack.

It’s going to be an extremely busy week and an immense amount of work for a single individual, but I promise I’ll do the best that I can to ensure that everything is up to par for all of you. So in one week, the fun begins! Are you ready?!