Rare’s Old Logo Returns In Leaked E3 2015 Pins

Need another reason to get excited for Rare’s new game(s) set to be unveiled in just a few, short hours? Then you may want to take a look at the photo below…


Look familiar? It should because that is the return of the Rare’s classic ‘Golden R’ (albeit with some modifications), the logo that was synonymous with the company for nearly it’s entire life span before changing when they rebranded for the Kinect Sports titles. It seems they may be rebranding once again as they leave Kinect behind and move forward to creating core projects that made them the well-knowned company it is today. And what better way aside from an IP revival to catch people’s attention than bringing back their familiar logo? I look forward to hopefully seeing that splashed across the screen early this morning just before their new game is shown to the masses!

Source: NeoGaf