Recent Changes, Updates, and Launches Here on RFDB!

I wanted to take a moment to make you all aware of of some of the most recent announcements, changes and updates that has come to RareFanDaBase this month. There has been quite a bit in the past week with plenty more soon to come later this month and for the remainder of the year. Below is a compiled list of everything most everything that has been going on here at RFDB this month.

  • New Banner- If you’ve taken notice, I’ve changed the official RFDB banner to better reflect the website with a portrayal of Rare’s top created franchise.
  • The Nintendo Entertainment System section has been updated to now show boxarts of every single Rare NES game as opposed to just plain and simple text.
  • The Super Nintendo Entertainment System section has recieved the same treatment as the NES section. It also includes full boxarts as opposed to text.
  • I’ve added a search bar to the top of the right sidebar that should help you to find specific posts, news, and material on the website much easier.
  • At the very bottom of the left side bar, I have included a simple Donate icon that will allow you to make donations to RFDB if you so desire.
  • I launched the brand new Rare Trivia section where you can test your knowledge about Rare and Rare’s games. There are currently four trivias available with more to come.
  • The official Xbox LIVE account has launched as well. An account dedicated to nothing but Rare games and Rare games only! Gamertag: RareFanDaBase Feel free to add to your friends list!

More things will be coming later on but that’s currently a list of many of the updates to the website itself that has been added and/or changed/updated in the past week. Hope you enjoy it all and are looking forward to what else I’ll be bringing later on!