RFDB Facebook and Youtube Pages Launch!

There were some initial complications with getting both of these pages launched, but everything has now been resolved and both are up and ready for viewing! Our Facebook page will be updated following any updates made here at RFDB. So if you have access to Facebook at any given time, you’ll now be able to see a brief summary of RFDB updates and be able to directly visit the website from there for the full story. You’ll of course be able to like the page as well not only from Facebook, but also from the main page here on RFDB! Look for it in the right sidebar.

The RFDB Youtube page consists of nothing but videos in relation to Rare. Currently, there are only five videos with plenty more to come later on! Those videos currently include: Donkey Kong 64 Rap, Donkey Kong 64 Opening, Banjo-Kazooie Opening, Banjo-Tooie Opening, and Jet Force Gemini Opening. Be sure and subscribe to the page so you can be instantly updated when there are new Rare videos posted!

Here are the links to both of the pages. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook and Subsribe to us on YouTube!

The Official RareFanDaBase Facebook Page!
The Official RareFanDaBase Youtube Page!