RFDB Will be at Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing

RFDB Will be at Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing

Today, I’m happy and proud to announce that the RFDB will be attending Microsoft’s e3 Media Briefing on the morning of June 4th. I will personally be present at the event and will be able to update you all live on everything as it announced. Obviously, I can’t guarantee or promise you that there will be any Rare games at the event, even the rumored Kinect Sports 3: Summer Edition, but I’ll certainly hoping for there to be! As for the actual e3 show itself (where all of the games are available to play) at the Los Angeles Covention Center, I’m still working on the registration process to hopefully be present there as well. We are now only three weeks away from the big event and I’m looking forward to sharing all of the exciting news!

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One thought on “RFDB Will be at Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing

  1. Jason Schwab

    E3 2012.

    since you will clearly be there. do me a favor. since you know by now how much of a Killer Instinct fan I am , how about you get someone you speak with either from microsoft or rare and really hit them hard on the fact that we are still asking for KI3 and everything else we want. really let them know. say to them ” it’s obvious you want it , it’s obvious we want it , and it’s obviosu you are constantly asked about it. and you know this isnt going to go away and the desire is only going to get stronger. we want to know when is it finally going to happen and why it is taking so long”. this E3 event is 1 day after my 26th birthday. so , I would be very happy if you could do that for me and for all KI & rare fans out there who still havent given up.

    speaking of birthdays , me and my father will be getting a custom birthday cake for me this year. I turn 26 on June 3 2012 , and this year I am getting the 2nd custom made cake. last year it was the front cover to the 1993 snes game Star Fox. this year , it is going to be the logo of Killer Instinct with the purple clouds background , the blue lightning , the red logo in the back , and the silver chrome letters in the middle. the cake will be a custom chocolate cake with whipped cream icing , and a printable edible artwork scanned and put ontop. I am getting is custom made this year from the same place I got my previous one custom made last year…Weis. it’s apart of my custom cake trilogy. last year it was Star Fox , this year it is Killer Instinct , and next year it ends with my ultimate epic amerime story logo Ultrakkon I.

    look for those images for a special blog event in June.

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