RUMOR: Donkey Kong Country 4/Banjo-Kazooie Proposed for the Nintendo DS

Well here is an interesting rumor, that is more-or-less legit more than it is an actual rumor. So apparently an ex-Rare employee takes to youtube to comment on a video and in the process mentions that Rare had once proposed the idea for a fourth entry in the Donkey Kong Country series as well as a new Banjo-Kazooie game for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo, however, wasn’t very interested in the prospect of either of these and instead preferred Rare to remake Diddy Kong Racing. What?! Don’t get me wrong, DKR DS is a wonderful game with some nice new additions, but come on, who wouldn’t have preferred either of the others? The very logic of this doesn’t make any sense, but Nintendo hardly makes any sense themselves these days either, so I wouldn’t put such a ridiculous move out of their reach. DK Vine has more on this catastrophic decision. Give it a read and when you come back, tell us if your heart didn’t simk a bit. I know mine did.