RUMOR: Microsoft Working on Kinect Play Fit, Could Rare be the Developer?

If a recent rumor being exclusively hailed from The Verge is correct, then it seems that Microsoft is prepping to release a Kinect Play Fit application in a future Xbox 360 Dasboard Update. What the application does is basically allow gamers to track their excercise across the majority of Kinect games, whose metrics will be stored in the cloud. To accompany the service, Microsoft will ship an optional piece of hardware codenamed the Joule, which will essentially be a heart rate monitor.

We know that Microsoft is obviously behind the application itself, but who specifically? If you recall a few years back when Kinect was still be referred to as ‘Project Natal’, rumors were abound that Rare was actually developing a fitness game. Of course, nothing came of it but now that new rumors have surfaced of another Kinect fitness game on the way, could it be that Rare is responsible for this application? They’ve been the driving force behind quite a bit of Microsoft’s technology based software this generation. They created the Avatars and they were the premiere developer for Kinect, so it’s not entirely out of the question that Kinect Play Fit could be from them.

More details, if true, are expected to surface at E3 early next month.