RUMOR: Nintendo Developing Diddy Kong Racing 2 For Wii U

A true sequel to Rare’s Diddy Kong Racing? For the Wii U? If new rumors that have surfaced are indeed true, then come next year that’s exactly what we’ll have available to purchase. And before you start asking, no it is not being developed by Rare, but rather Monster Games, developers of Nintendo’s ExciteTruck, ExciteBots, ExciteBike World Rally and most recently Pilot Wings Resort. In the past they also developed a few other racing games in the NASCAR franchise among other things. So needless to say they certainly have the experience in the genre to be trusted I suppose with a Diddy Kong Racing 2… assuming it’s actually in development.

The source of the rumor claims that Nintendo offered a few ideas to Monster Games for their next project and they settled on the Diddy Kong Racing sequel. It will be similar to its predecessor with its own Adventure Mode and will this time include online multiplayer as well as integration with MiiVerse and touch-screen use on the GamePad for using power-ups. Diddy will of course return and you’ll also be able to race as your own Mii. As far as characters such as Tip-Tup, Pipsy, Drumstick, etc… Nintendo was uncertain as to whether they had the rights to such characters and were in discussion with Microsoft and Rare to clear that up.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain salt, especially considering the rumor originated from 4chan. They’ve been right in the past, but more often-than-not they’re wrong. We’ll have more details in the future should anything actually come of this.

Thanks to Josh for the heads up!