RUMOR: Rare Developing A New Title Called Chief Samurai

Mentioned amongst some recent rumors revolving around Microsoft’s plans for the next Xbox was a new title allegedly in development at Rare called ‘Chief Samurai’. There were no further details aside from the name given so your guess is as good as mine as to what it could be. Bear in mind that it is a rumor afterall so there may not be any truth to it, but then again there could be. So let’s just assume for a moment that it is an actual game in development and try and determine what it is. Let’s begin by breaking down the title.

A ‘Chief’ is generally defined as an individual who is in charge, usually the head of a particular tribe or clan. The ‘Samurai’ were warriors in pre-industrial Japan and associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class and followed a set of rules. Now if we were to surmise what this alleged ‘Chief Samurai’ game is about based off of the title, then we could easily assume that the primary protagonist would likely feature the leader of a group of Samurai warriors; or, perhaps, you could be playing an individual trying to stop the Samurai, with the Chief Samurai being the primary antagonist rather than the protagonist. My bet would be on the former.

But how would it play? Again, from the context of the title, some sort of swordplay would be involved and it would no doubt utilize the Kinect 2 in some form, probably exclusively. Perhaps it could even be one of the games that will take advantage of the rumored LiveWall, which will supposedly project image nearly 360 degrees around the player. Imagine yourself as a Samurai warrior literally battling the enemy as they flank you from every direction. It would be quite an experience and I could see it as being an excellent game to show what the LiveWall is capable of.

Just to reiterate once more, this is all just a rumor. I wouldn’t mind it being true, as I could see myself enjoying something along these lines. What do you all think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.