Sneaky Snakes: The Official Story

Note: This story is derived from the official Sneaky Snakes instruction booklet.

Sneaky Snakes is the spine tingling tale two rip-roarin’ reptiles, Atilla and Genghis. When Sonia Snake is nabbed by the Nasty Nibbler, it’s more than they can swallow.

So, Atilla and Genghis must slither about to snatch Sonia from the nest of the Nasty Nibbler. But first they must survive 16 serpentine levels–each swarming with enemies so slippery and sly, it’ll make your skin shed.

To scale from one nibbleacious landscape to the next, consume those ever-tasty Nibbleys and head for the scale before time runs out.

So, just don’t sit there hissing, get nibblin’, Snake.