So Real Bowling Is Quite Different From Kinect Sports Bowling

Last week, I flew home to Georgia to visit my family. During the duration of my trip, they all wanted to take me bowling at this bowling rank in Dublin. So we went, purchased a few games, set up the scoreboard and ready we were to have some fun. When my turn comes up, I pick up the ball with a mindset that I’m going to bowl a pretty damn good game. I’m fairly decent player in Kinect Sports, so surely I can’t fail! I readied my arms in full confidence, reared back my throwing hand and thrust it forward while releasing the ball. It edged its way right into the gutter. A Gutter Ball! And throughout the duration of the night, I was throwing more Gutter Balls then I was knocking down pins! How could that be, I wondered?

You see, Kinect Sports does an excellent job of capturing the essenceof real-life bowling. The reaching for the ball, the movements required to properly bowl and so forth. But what it does not and cannot replicate is the weight of a real bowling ball. It’s one thing to bowl with a weightless, invisible ball with no sense of mass and bowling with a 10-15 pound ball. It changes the game requires a bit more strategic input.

Have any of you had the opportunity to both bowl in real-life and in Kinect Sports Bowling? Did you find yourself in the same situation as myself? You know, realizing that that real-life bowling is more difficult than its Kinect Sports counterpart? Share your thoughts in the comments below!